How to make Turmeric Tea at home

 This is how yellow tea worked in my life. BACKGROUND - For a while I felt like someone was sticking a hot poker between my shoulders, especially if I left my neck in some direction such as left or right.

And morning? I'm not quite sure what I've done, but I think there may be some connection to lifting heavy boxes up and down our stairs. Repeatedly.

How to make Turmeric Tea at home

How to make Turmeric Tea at home
How to make Turmeric Tea at home

Sorry for the complaint, but this is something that has been bothering me for the past few weeks and nothing really helps until I think of including turmeric in my diet.

It has important anti-inflammatory properties (as well as many other benefits), and is added to curry and turmeric by drinking extra turmeric and drinking in the morning and evening, which is usually placed over an easily accessible counter.

Yellow tea spur

When I looked at the books at the Los Angeles Library in the summer I remembered an Ayurvedic yellow paste I had read and started using it as a tea base. It helps! I usually like turmeric, but the tea is flat, a favorite. I put honey and turmeric paste in a jar for easy use.

I heated the water, poured it into a large spoon of paste, squeezed a large lemon and ended up with a large amount of fresh pepper. Big thing - Pepper stimulates (and helps the body absorb turmeric), and honey tea makes the spice soil easier to balance and more delicious.

One - To help maintain the raw honey's properties, use lukewarm water, but do not boil. The recipe below will make a note, but I like to call it specific. You can gently mix the paste, or roll it with curd.

Variety of yellow tea

I like to experiment with different blends with my spice drawer and vegetable products. Here are some recent yellow-centric favorites.

    *** Verbena Yellow Iced Tea: I have a lemon action plant and I like to use leaves (fresh or dried) in this tea. Mix 20 crushed cardamom pods, 10 lemon leaves, 20 pepper, and *** 10 crushed pieces (1/4-inch thick, one-fourth size) in eight cups of boiling water. Strain, cool, serve on ice.

    *** Tulsi Yellow Ice Tea: I also plant a large plant of Tulsi in my garden. It makes a wonderful gift on its own or as part of custom tea blends. I like this iced tea. Basically the process is similar to the iced tea above, replace the action of lemon with basil.

    When I'm ready to retire with yellow tea, I exchange 8-10 saffron threads instead. For the saffron version. Or you can double use both!

Yellow contaminates anything that comes in contact with it, so be careful.

Essential things

    1/3 cup / 80ml is good, raw honey

    2 1/2 teaspoons dry turmeric


    Lots of freshly ground black pepper


Make a yellow paste

    Make turmeric with honey until a paste is formed. Whenever you need a file, you can keep it in a jar by hand.

Make Tea

    For each cup of tea, place a spoonful of yellow paste on the bottom of a cup with a cork. Pour into hot (but not boiling water) glass and shake well to dissolve the yellow paste.

Squeeze a large amount of juice from a lemon, and add a good amount of black pepper. Enjoy it! Stir still, not all the good stuff comes down when you drink, or ends up in too much hot water when you drink.

Our Recipes review:

It is beautiful I think it would be great for digestive issues. Is it a refrigerator / pantry and how long will it last? Thank you!


My eyes say beautifully. My taste buds said ... 'But how does it taste ..... ?????'. I will try it. I already have a new Pie ​​Damerick.

Fei Reinprintsstofu

Glad to hear that jaundice helps with your muscle aches. The tea is good and I think I would like to try it out. From our own research: Although most of us consider turmeric to be a spice, the FDA classifies it as food coloring. Many processed foods use it only for coloring. It also slows down blood clots, which can be a problem if you are planning surgery (Ref. State University - Linus Pauling Institute).


I know they are subject to "yellow shots" if they feel under the weather, but I think adding a little tea and lemon would be too sweet for them - I'll try this tea next time!


Turmeric is one of the most medicinal spices and when I consumed it I also got amazing results. I usually drink the same tea here… although I have to try it with black pepper (I read how black pepper helps the body to turn yellow… super cool!) . Powerful thing!

Grow Rainy Roots

I like yellow tea a lot. I like to apply a yellow paste of honey on my face for a delicious ******! If you have leftover honey / turmeric, it is also great for vegetables like onions and pumpkin :)


thank you for that! I am always looking for ways to get more turmeric in my diet. I have a disease that causes chronic inflammation. I think it helps me.

Lisa Normal Bites

I make turmeric in capsule form as some cooks call it. I totally plan to try this tea!


I know turmeric is very good for you, but I do not want to use it for tea. I always think about this in tasty applications. Thanks for the info!


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