How to make Iced Green Tea

Here is the story behind my favorite iced green tea. The next day there was a man behind me at the grocery store. I was part of a large area surrounded by dried herbs, tea mixtures, spices and seafood.

How to make  Iced Green Tea

The man asked about the mixture of rose and green tea, and the woman in charge of the tea thought that they were taking a mixture of black tea and rose, but not green tea and rose.

How to make  Iced Green Tea
How to make  Iced Green Tea

Inspired by green tea

Today, I drink a lot of green tea, thinking that green tea with rose mix is ​​particularly good. I felt it getting frosty and made a juice of green tea from my trip to Tokyo, when I got home with rose petals in hand. Cold brew, accented with rose and whole coriander - it's a refreshing season.

Green tea making techniques

Two suggestions related to my brewing technique. This is a hybrid, mostly cold-brew approach. I hit the leaves with a shower of shy (unboiled) water to wake them up. It also extracts some healthy antioxidants from the tea leaves - straight cold fever (with hot water splatter) has low antioxidant activity. Count to 10 or more and then finish with cold water.

It turns off heat, is soft and slow, and prevents overcooking or overcooking. The difference between a cold brew of green tea and a warm brew is dramatic, both are amazing, but I prefer fewer vegetables / cooked notes for such an iced tea.

I use the green tea I have, but prefer some varieties over others. When I make iced green tea, the favorite loose leaf is Japanese Sencha (above). The color is beautiful, and it creates vibrant, smooth and clean food. Enjoy it!

Essential things

    1 tbsp (unripe) dried rose petals (optional)
    1 tbsp whole coriander seeds (optional)
    4 cups filtered water, separate


    Place green tea, rose petals and coriander in a jar. Boil 1/2 cup / 120 ml water slightly.
     Refrigerate the tea for as long as you want - usually 4 - 8 hours. Serve strainer on ice.

Very beautiful! Can't wait to try it.

It looks fresh! My husband loves tea. It has to be done for him!

Iced tea with rose petals and coriander seeds, seems to soothe the perfect heat! I completely agree with 'Awakening Leaves' for better ripening tips and healthy antioxidants. I am also thinking of a hot version of this tea with my apple spice cake!
Jennifer @ delicious rose

Ghosh… we are burning now…. Must try homemade green tea, it is more than fresh, it is delicious! Thank you for this simple and inexpensive drink! 1+
Katino Interview

this is so beautiful !!! Love it, it's great :)
This is anna

I had never heard of cold cooking techniques before. You said that it improves the antioxidant count, did you know that it also has an effect on caffeine levels? The broth looks delicious!
Ruth Mayne

I'd like two pitches, please. This summer it is completed. I don't like melting my tea, to make something and then freeze a little in ice cubes!
Hello florentina

Is there a downside to the traditional method of drinking hot tea directly for a newbie like me, and then storing it in the fridge?

Very good update! Very easy, but full of taste and benefits :) I love it when you get inspiration from people around you :) x
Jules Wolfit Town

It looks delicious! I am very curious as to how to buy rose petals and / or to dry my own. Is it like drying any kind of plant? Can someone dry an unexpected rose, or can some changes be better or worse during cooking? What is rose water? Dried roses are used in many of your recipes, and it is a pleasure to see a post dedicated to it.

It looks sweet and refreshing in summer :)
Sara | Nice and complete

I really appreciate your wine making skills. I have not tested it yet. Also, subtlety of taste. Super excited to try it.

It looks delicious! Great refreshing drink in summer.
Mary francis

Do you have a recommended source for dried rose petals? I have seen them in many of your dishes and I really like the taste, but have not yet found a place that I can trust. I also live in the SF Bay area and will travel for the right resources! :)

HS: Hi Maggie - You can get them in the rainbow, or I often find crippled roses at the farmers market, drying them myself - a few days on a flat surface, washing every day.


At a conference I attended on the nutritional content of food, the presenter insisted that the nutritional value (antioxidants, etc.) of tea deteriorates rapidly, making it not the best choice for nutritional benefits. Icy tea.

Hi Haiti, if you haven't already, you should try making Kyokuro Iced Tea (very good on its own) or Ulong ("green") which tastes better than dark.


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