How to make Apple Salad

If you are looking for a simple apple salad, then you are at the right place. You have ingredients to spray around your kitchen - on counter tops or smoothies. Otherwise, there are many ways to make choices.

How to make Apple Salad
How to make Apple Salad
How to make Apple Salad

It is hearty and big, colorful and crunchy - made with heirloom, shaved celery and your favorite roasted nuts. Dressing cream is fresh (or sour cream) with chopped rosemary, garlic and champagne vinegar.

Apple Salad - All About Crunch

This salad is great in distress. This is why it became an autumn option. There was a crisis with crispy apples, celery and nuts. Mix with the cream of the dressing? This is a good change. My main tip? Find crispy apples that taste good. And go through the thin apple.

To change

Think of this recipe as a sketch above all others. I use arugula because I have it, but the baby stones on the market are beautiful and would be a great choice. Even with peanuts. Roast everything you have - pine nuts, almonds or walnuts. Before dressing, the cream brings a nice luxurious texture to the fresh mixture, but you can definitely use sour cream or yogurt, and delicious white wine vinegar.

Slicing apples

Another variable you can test is the apple slice. Above you can see the cuts I liked. They are quite thick and cut to size enough to take some photos. I like to cut them that way, so you get everything in a fork - some arugula, apple, nuts and the like. But if you really like apples, add more and cut thicker. I am also into my suggestions for making apple salsa - chop everything and add some cherino chili chops to mix. Use in winter style, and so on.


It is best to dress with all kinds of things. Not just apple salad. Sprinkle it with fried potatoes (or sweet potatoes!), Mushrooms as a finishing touch, or as a slate on the panini. I like a mixture of oven-roasted broccoli or sheet-pan baked vegetables.

Your Apple Salad Idea

Over the years you have left some great suggestions and changes in the comments. I will throw some light on and encourage you to tell us about the recipes you will enjoy in the future!

    Dana changed it to a main course, "I added some cooked and chilled wheat berries to this salad, it's sacred! Walnut peril and excellent nutrition to multiply it in the main meal."

    Kara offered some items and said, "Hellelujah! "I thought that today when I was cut into a salad for lunch! I replaced the baby broccoli with celery, walnuts and some chopped cheese."

Have fun with lots of salad dishes or be even more impressed by the recipe's downfall.

I love this talented kale salad, this shaved fennel salad from Supernatural Deli, this pure coriander salad for coriander fans, and basically, this ravioli salad with hazelnuts and charts is always a journey.

Heirloom apple salad

A piece of hard, aged cheese is welcome here - shave into thin slices and add to the end.

Essential things

    1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt

    Henna leaves 12, sliced

    1 medium clove garlic, peeled

    1 teaspoon sugar

    1/2 cup / 120 ml cream frosh (or sour cream)

    2 1/2 teaspoons white wine vinegar

    Fresh ground black pepper to taste

    2 crunchy hereditary apples, cut into six, then finely chopped

    4 Argula, Baby Stone or Baby Romain

    1/3 cup Roasted Brown, Walnuts, Almonds or Pine Nuts


    Do the dressing first. Crush sea salt, rosemary, garlic and sugar into a paste using a mortar and pestle (or crushing them all with a knife). Work with cream fries and vinegar, adding a little bit of pepper and as much salt to taste and adjust.

    When you are ready to serve, mix celery, apple, vegetable salad and most nuts in half of the garnish. Toss well, add as much dressing as you like. Finish with the remaining nuts and chopped celery leaves.

Apple Salad Reviews

Not a huge fan of Rosemary. Can you recommend another plant?


Sasa, how about Gigama for celery? This is amazing; It is expected to do so soon. :)


Can you clarify the henna invited for Heidi, hereditary apple salad? With 12 small leaves', you only have to pull 12 small pointed parts on one stem with one stem? Or am I missing something completely? Henna is very strong, I like it, but I do not like it. Thanks a lot!


HS: Absolutely, Rachel - Little Needle at 12.


Bright, fresh salads for the common cold and tiring time of the year.

It looks and feels good. I am very excited about this post, even though it is almost winter, I still love eating salad! I think they are the best! Thank you so much for another amazing salad recipe! : D Love, sir
Sir docs

Apples are great in fresh salads. They have the perfect dessert to ****, and I think most salads rise to the next level. I think rosemary and celery add the best kick of flavor!

This salad is great! I like this idea!
It seems so alert! Thank you!


It looks perfect! I haven't had a Haitian-inspired salad in a while. I think it's time to change it


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