How to cook Pot Minestrone Soup

 It is possible to make an excellent instant *** minestron soup with dried, soaked beans. I wasn't sure at first, this recipe takes some effort to get right, but check it out! Delicious Let's start. Like many of you, I like ministran soup a lot.

How to cook Pot Minestrone Soup

How to cook Pot Minestrone Soup
How to cook Pot Minestrone Soup

It is shocking and filling. It is healthy, made up of a variety of ingredients that your body wants. Also, if you have an instant ***, a good ministry will be one of your waits.

Immediate Minestrone Soup: Approach

Okay, so most of the IP Minestrone recipes I rely on canned beans, which I hope will be avoided. Instead, I wanted to make a version of unsaturated from dried beans - unsaturated (!) Dried beans. Because, this way, you don't have to plan ahead.

Second, I like to avoid the taste (and texture) of the fuzzy, over-the-top, canned soup that we all know - when you use canned beans, and then cook it again under pressure. The size at which you cut your belongings is also important, and likewise when you added them to ***. I brought here a specific sequence, which maintains brightness, acidity, taste and overall interest. More down!

Some tips and tricks

Potatoes: After cooking under pressure for 35+ minutes, I found that a little twist of oatmeal did not produce any potatoes. Not pretty So, I started using large portions of potatoes, which are really big - they are incredible! Creamy, fully cooked, well structured. Carrots are dense, and handle stress well.

Instant Minestrone Soup

Tomatoes and Kell: I think the trend is to add all the ingredients in an instant ***, seal it and go for it. The ministrans I tried to cook this way were a lot of fun. But this is not the version!

This version will shake the crushed tomatoes for you and make it tomorrow as the pressure releases. The acidity of the tomato makes the soup absolutely clean, and keeping it to the last minute tomorrow will maintain minimal texture, color and taste sensation.

Pasta: Many people like to add pasta to their ministerone soup. Make sure you add a little dry, small pasta before pressing, but honestly, it is best to cook the pasta yourself.

Pour the dried pasta directly into the soup and after cooking the pressure add some water if things are too thick. In other words, in front of pasta, you can be very flexible. It is open to personal choice (and you want it to be functional if convenient).
Delivery consideration

I like this Ministron straightforward and simple, and it is active with the tops. Some ideas: drizzle a little pesto, drizzle with lemon olive oil or a large squeeze of bright lemon, some chopped olives. Stir in a handful of sunscreen for something like a rebellion.

Essential things

    2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

    1 medium onion, chopped

    Cut into 3 carat, 1/4-inch coins

    3 celery stalks chopped

    2 medium onions, garlic, chopped

    1 tsp red chili flakes

    1 1/2 cups dried cannellini beans

    5 medium beeswax potatoes, the size of an egg, half

    1 3-inch Parmesan rope, (optional)

    8 cups of water

    1 medium bunch bud or chart, de-stem and sliced

    1 1/4 cups crushed tomatoes from tin

    1 teaspoon fine sea salt

Favorite first thoughts:

    Sliced ​​black olives, small pieces of pesto, a drizzle of lemon olive oil or a large squeeze of lemon juice


    Press the SAute button on Instant *** and press again. Heat olive oil in an instant. When hot, fry onions, carrots, celery and garlic for 5-7 minutes. Stir in the Chili Flakes. Add beans, potatoes, Parmesan rind (if used), and 8 cups of water. Press CANCEL.

    *** Cover and cook the pressure cooker for 40 minutes in manual (high). Careful quick release. Gently tap or tap the pressure cooker, then carefully open it from you. Remove Parmesan skin and gently mix in salt.

Taste and make adjustments as needed. Stir in the thunderstorm and stir the tomato when it melts. Serve with chopped olives, and a pinch of cheese.

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