How to bake Coffe Chocolate

Hello everyone, after a few weeks without eggs, we finally killed some. Celebrate? They are crunchy, deep dish and crumbly in a high *** (butter and chocolate) ratio of flour. We ate some, ate some, and left some to the neighbors.

 How to bake Coffe Chocolate

 In addition to lots of bitter chocolate, I mixed it with 1/4 cup of espresso powder and vanilla extract, along with freshly ground cardamom seed flowers. This is a flavor profile, which I like whenever I encounter it. These are turkey brown chocolate brownies, I gladly wanted to use my last egg and chocolate.


How to bake Coffe Chocolate
How to bake Coffe Chocolate

Brownie tips

- Chocolate: I love Amy Guitar and San Francisco based chocolate. For these Browns I use a bag of Guitar Organic Bitterweight 74%. Any good chocolate that is more than 70% bitter is said to be the best. If in the 60-70% zone you can get half the desserts right now - they will still be tasty, but your first choice will be bitter.

- Grind masala: If you have a coffee grinder at home, you can grind cardamom seeds with your beans while grinding espresso powder. It is easy to use mortar and pestle to grind cardamom quickly - your coffee grinder will retain the smell of cardamom for a while if you don't clean it. To clean a coffee grinder, you can grind a little white rice and clean it with other ingredients and spices.

- Invest in good cardamom: For many of you, endure. Tarasic is familiar, but do not sleep on cardamom. I use it here, it smells incredible and special. Other things you can do if you have a jar - a glass of steep tea, then grind some seeds in your coffee beans in the morning and add a little powder to the shells. Fresh ground spices can bring a big change in your baking.

Coffee options

Welcome to the dark, firm roast here. No label espresso. You will like ground espresso-fine beans.

Brownie Pan Size

You have some flexibility here. I was invited to do baking in an 8x8 inch pan. If you only have a 9x9 inch brownie pan, I have baked them so much, they are a bit thin and you don't have to bake for a long time. The 9x13 inch pan will result in a thin brownie that you should bake for a short time.

I would like to mention a variation. I like to use almond juice here instead of so-called vanilla extracts. I'm out now, but if you have it, consider using it!

Use bitter chocolate in the 70% range.

Essential things

    2 teaspoons vanilla extract

    10 cardamom pods, pellets and seed ground

    3/4 cup / 100g all-purpose flour

    1/4 cup / 20g soft ground espresso powder

    3/4 teaspoon fine sea salt

    12 ounces bitter chocolate, sliced

    2/3 cup / 150g unsalted butter

    3 large eggs

    1 1/2 cups / 285g tightly packed dark brown sugar


    Preheat oven to 350F with a rack in the middle. Butter is an 8x8-inch baking dish, or equivalent.

    Combine pulp and ground cardamom in a small cup. You should have about 1 teaspoon of freshly ground cardamom. Itabi
    In a small bowl add flour, espresso, salt and set aside.

    Build a double boiler by arranging a stainless steel mixing bowl with a little boiling water. Pour the butter into the mixing bowl and allow it to melt. Turn off the heat, shake in the chocolate and shake until completely softened and melting. Melted chocolate is the enemy of water, so avoid taking water or steam in your chocolate bowl. Itabi

    Combine egg, sugar and cardamom mixture in a large mixing bowl. Stir and shake the sugar, stirring with a whisk for a few minutes, until the volume glows.

 The chocolate mixture should now be at room temperature, use a spatula to wrap in the egg mixture. Keeps folding like this. Sprinkle the flour mixture on top, gently fold in the batter, avoiding too much.

    Pour batter into the prepared baking dish and bake until the edges are dark and finished, and the top looks shiny with some cracks for about 25 minutes. The center should provide some structured resistance, not deception.

Cool completely on a wire rack, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. They are good for staying directly in the oven, a little cold, but it is great if you can stay until the next day.

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